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NovoNexus Modules

<head> <!--Load the AJAX API--> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript">   // Load the Visualization API and the corechart package. google.charts.load('current', {'packages':['corechart']});   // Set a callback to run when the Google Visualization API is loaded. google.charts.setOnLoadCallback(drawChart);   // Callback that creates and populates a data table, // instantiates the pie chart, passes in the data and // draws it. function drawChart() {   // Create the data table. var data = new google.visualization.DataTable(); data.addColumn('string', 'Topping'); data.addColumn('number', 'Slices'); data.addRows([ ['Mushrooms', 3], ['Onions', 1], ['Olives', 1], ['Zucchini', 1], ['Pepperoni', 2] ]);   // Set chart options var options = {'title':'How Much Pizza I Ate Last Night', 'width':400, 'height':300};   // Instantiate and draw our chart, passing in some options. var chart = new google.visualization.PieChart(document.getElementById('chart_div')); chart.draw(data, options); } </script> </head>   <body> <!--Div that will hold the pie chart--> <div id="chart_div"></div> </body>

<head> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript"> google.charts.load('current', {packages:['wordtree']}); google.charts.setOnLoadCallback(drawChart);   function drawChart() { var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable( [ ['Phrases'], ['cats are better than dogs'], ['cats eat kibble'], ['cats are better than hamsters'], ['cats are awesome'], ['cats are people too'], ['cats eat mice'], ['cats meowing'], ['cats in the cradle'], ['cats eat mice'], ['cats in the cradle lyrics'], ['cats eat kibble'], ['cats for adoption'], ['cats are family'], ['cats eat mice'], ['cats are better than kittens'], ['cats are evil'], ['cats are weird'], ['cats eat mice'], ] );   var options = { wordtree: { format: 'implicit', word: 'cats' } };   var chart = new google.visualization.WordTree(document.getElementById('wordtree_basic')); chart.draw(data, options); } </script> </head> <body> <div id="wordtree_basic" style="width: 900px; height: 500px;"></div> </body>

<graphviz border='frame' format='png' desc='none'> digraph example1 {Hello→“World!”} </graphviz>

Example 2 from

<graphviz renderer='neato' caption='Hello Neato'> graph EXAMPLE2 {

run -- intr;
intr -- runbl;
runbl -- run;
run -- kernel;
kernel -- zombie;
kernel -- sleep;
kernel -- runmem;
sleep -- swap;
swap -- runswap;
runswap -- new;
runswap -- runmem;
new -- runmem;
sleep -- runmem;

} </graphviz>


digraph L0 { size = “8,8”; ordering=out; node [shape = box];

n0 [label=“E”]; n1 [label=“T”]; n2 [label=“F”]; n3 [label=“IDENT : a ”]; n4 [label=“+”]; n5 [label=“T”]; n6 [label=“F”]; n7 [label=“(”]; n8 [label=“E”]; n9 [label=“T”]; n10 [label=“F”]; n11 [label=“IDENT : b ”]; n12 [label=“*”]; n13 [label=“F”]; n14 [label=“IDENT : c ”]; n15 [label=“)”]; n16 [label=“*”]; n17 [label=“F”]; n18 [label=“(”]; n19 [label=“E”]; n20 [label=“T”]; n21 [label=“F”]; n22 [label=“IDENT : d ”]; n23 [label=“*”]; n24 [label=“F”]; n25 [label=“IDENT : e ”]; n26 [label=“+”]; n27 [label=“T”]; n28 [label=“F”]; n29 [label=“(”]; n30 [label=“E”]; n31 [label=“T”]; n32 [label=“F”]; n33 [label=“IDENT : a ”]; n34 [label=“*”]; n35 [label=“F”]; n36 [label=“IDENT : b ”]; n37 [label=“)”]; n38 [label=“)”]; n39 [label=“+”]; n40 [label=“T”]; n41 [label=“F”]; n42 [label=“IDENT : q ”]; n0 →{ n1 n4 n5 n39 n40 }; n1 →n2 ; n2 →n3 ; n5 →{ n6 n16 n17 }; n6 →{ n7 n8 n15 }; n8 →n9 ; n9 →{ n10 n12 n13 }; n10 →n11 ; n13 →n14 ; n17 →{ n18 n19 n38 }; n19 →{ n20 n26 n27 }; n20 →{ n21 n23 n24 }; n21 →n22 ; n24 →n25 ; n27 →n28 ; n28 →{ n29 n30 n37 }; n30 →n31 ; n31 →{ n32 n34 n35 }; n32 →n33 ; n35 →n36 ; n40 →n41 ; n41 →n42 ; } </graphviz>


digraph G {bgcolor=blue

subgraph cluster_1 { fontcolor=white
	node [ style=filled,shape="box",fillcolor="antiquewhite:aquamarine" ]n5;
	node [ shape="ellipse",fillcolor="bisque4:blue2" ]n4;
	node [ shape="circle",fillcolor="cadetblue1:chocolate1" ]n3;
	node [ shape="diamond",fillcolor="crimson:cyan4" ]n2;
	node [ shape="triangle",fillcolor="deepskyblue2:firebrick" ]n1;
	node [ shape="pentagon",fillcolor="gray24:gray88" ]n0;
	label = "X11 Colors";
subgraph cluster_2 { fontcolor=white
	node [ style=filled,shape="box",fillcolor="bisque:brown" ]n11;
	node [ shape="ellipse",fillcolor="green:darkorchid" ]n10;
	node [ shape="circle",fillcolor="deepskyblue:gold" ]n9;
	node [ shape="diamond",fillcolor="lightseagreen:orangered" ]n8;
	node [ shape="triangle",fillcolor="turquoise:salmon" ]n7;
	node [ shape="pentagon",fillcolor="snow:black" ]n6;
	label = "SVG Colors";
subgraph cluster_3 { fontcolor=white
	node [ style=filled,shape="box",fillcolor="/accent3/1:/accent3/3" ]n17;
	node [ shape="ellipse",fillcolor="/accent4/1:/accent4/4" ]n16;
	node [ shape="circle",fillcolor="/accent5/1:/accent5/5" ]n15;
	node [ shape="diamond",fillcolor="/accent6/1:/accent6/6" ]n14;
	node [ shape="triangle",fillcolor="/accent7/1:/accent7/7" ]n13;
	node [ shape="pentagon",fillcolor="/accent8/1:/accent8/8" ]n12;
	label = "Brewer - accent";
subgraph cluster_4 { fontcolor=white
	node [ style=filled,shape="box",fillcolor="/blues3/1:/blues3/2" ]n23;
	node [ shape="ellipse",fillcolor="/blues4/1:/blues4/3" ]n22;
	node [ shape="circle",fillcolor="/blues5/1:/blues5/4" ]n21;
	node [ shape="diamond",fillcolor="/blues6/1:/blues6/5" ]n20;
	node [ shape="triangle",fillcolor="/blues7/1:/blues7/6" ]n19;
	node [ shape="pentagon",fillcolor="/blues8/1:/blues8/7" ]n18;
	label = "Brewer - blues";

n3 → n9 → n15 → n21; } </graphviz>

<graphviz dot left 900×500> digraph ATN { rankdir=LR; s25[fontsize=11, label=“25”, shape=doublecircle, fixedsize=true, width=.6]; s239[fontsize=24,label=“239”, shape=circle, fixedsize=true, width=.55, peripheries=1]; s240[fontsize=11,label=“240”, shape=circle, fixedsize=true, width=.55, peripheries=1]; s241[fontsize=11,label=“241”, shape=circle, fixedsize=true, width=.55, peripheries=1]; s242[fontsize=11,label=“242”, shape=circle, fixedsize=true, width=.55, peripheries=1]; s243[fontsize=11,label=“{&rarr;\n243\nd=24|{<p0>|<p1>}}”, shape=record, fixedsize=false, peripheries=1]; s244[fontsize=11,label=“&larr;\n244”, shape=circle, fixedsize=true, width=.55, peripheries=1]; s245[fontsize=11,label=“245”, shape=circle, fixedsize=true, width=.55, peripheries=1]; s246[fontsize=11,label=“246”, shape=circle, fixedsize=true, width=.55, peripheries=1]; s247[fontsize=11,label=“&rarr;\n247+”, shape=circle, fixedsize=true, width=.55, peripheries=1]; s24[fontsize=11,label=“24”, shape=circle, fixedsize=true, width=.55, peripheries=1]; s248[fontsize=11,label=“&larr;\n248”, shape=circle, fixedsize=true, width=.55, peripheries=1]; s249[fontsize=11,label=“{249+\nd=25|{<p0>|<p1>}}”, shape=record, fixedsize=false, peripheries=1]; s250[fontsize=11,label=“250”, shape=circle, fixedsize=true, width=.55, peripheries=1]; s251[fontsize=11,label=“251”, shape=circle, fixedsize=true, width=.55, peripheries=1]; s252[fontsize=11,label=“252”, shape=circle, fixedsize=true, width=.55, peripheries=1]; s24 → s239 [fontname=“Times-Italic”, label=“&epsilon;”]; s239 → s247 [fontsize=11, fontname=“Courier”, arrowsize=.7, label = “'{'”, arrowhead = normal]; s247 → s240 [fontname=“Times-Italic”, label=“&epsilon;”]; s240 → s243 [fontsize=11, fontname=“Courier”, arrowsize=.7, label = “'case'”, arrowhead = normal]; s243:p0 → s241 [fontname=“Times-Italic”, label=“&epsilon;”]; s243:p1 → s242 [fontname=“Times-Italic”, label=“&epsilon;”]; s241 → s244 [fontsize=11, fontname=“Courier”, arrowsize=.7, label = “'null'”, arrowhead = normal]; s242 → s244 [fontsize=11, fontname=“Courier”, arrowsize=.7, label = “<element>”, arrowhead = normal]; s244 → s245 [fontname=“Times-Italic”, label=“&epsilon;”]; s245 → s246 [fontsize=11, fontname=“Courier”, arrowsize=.7, label = “'⇒'”, arrowhead = normal]; s246 → s248 [fontsize=11, fontname=“Courier”, arrowsize=.7, label = “<block>”, arrowhead = normal]; s248 → s249 [fontname=“Times-Italic”, label=“&epsilon;”]; s249:p0 → s247 [fontname=“Times-Italic”, label=“&epsilon;”, style=“dashed”]; s249:p1 → s250 [fontname=“Times-Italic”, label=“&epsilon;”]; s250 → s251 [fontname=“Times-Italic”, label=“&epsilon;”]; s251 → s252 [fontsize=11, fontname=“Courier”, arrowsize=.7, label = “'}'”, arrowhead = normal]; s252 → s25 [fontname=“Times-Italic”, label=“&epsilon;”]; } </graphviz>

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