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This is a subroutine that is used by the processes to generate BCI.ACTION records. The subroutine may be invoked within custom processes - if desired. This would then replace the normal triggering process.

Some situations in which this could be used are as follows:

  • User wants to bypass the NovoMotion trigger
  • User wants to add schema interaction to an ECA
  • File updates occur multiple times and updates to the schema are only desired once
  • User wants to execute the schema update from a specific process

Execution call for the subroutine:


Definition of arguments:

  • FILENAME - The U2 file for which bci.action records are to be created.
  • ID - The key to the U2 item being processed.
  • RECORD - The record being processed.
  • EVENT.TYPE - Possible valid answers are D, I , or C.
Event type Description
D Delete of the record
I Insert of a new record
C Change to an existing record

NovoMotion Outbound Menu

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