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NovoMotion U2Login

This control is used to establish a connection to the U2 server.

  • User name is the login used to connect to the appropriate U2 server.
  • Password is the password related to that user name login.
  • Unidata Server is the name used to access the server. It can be the actual IP address or the recognized hostname.
  • Database Account Path is the full path to the database being accessed.

The options to save the login information for future connections (Profiles) are as follows:

Option Description
Save Profile Save current displayed profile
Load Profile Load an existing profile
New Profile Create a new profile
Delete Profile Delete current displayed profile

The profiles are used when multiple U2 accounts are in use. This could be a MAIN and a TRAIN account or multiple MAIN accounts. Note: A profile needs to be loaded via the Load Profile button to see the information in the profile.

The Connect Using Com instead of .NET is used for installations at Unidata releases of 6.0 and before. It uses COM as the communication layer rather than UniObjects due to missing functionality at those releases of Unidata.

NovoMotion Outbound Menu

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