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Standard NovoMotion Triggers

Triggers used by the NovoMotion processes are auto-generated and can process even if other U2 triggers are being used. Both global update and delete triggers are used and are enabled for specific U2 files as they are added to the NovoMotion triggering processes.

The NovoMotion global triggers then execute M2K triggers that may exist already.

Currently the base NovoMotion product includes auto-generated triggers for the following files:

  • SA - Sales Analysis
  • CM - Customer Master
  • IM - Item Master
  • IPL - Inventory Planning

These triggers are enabled and may be disabled via the NovoMotion Trigger Generator.

Note: The standard installation includes the activation of the base triggers. The SA file only includes an update trigger. Because most users want to preserve the SA file - even when records are purged - the delete trigger is not normally enabled for that file. If there are cases in which a user wants to purge a file in the U2 environment and retain the data in the SQL tables, the user would DISABLE the delete trigger via NovoMotion Trigger Generator, purge the file, and then re-enable the delete trigger.

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