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Suggested Processing Steps

  1. Create a new schema using either NovoMotion NOVO.GEN.SCHEMA or NovoMotion Schema Editor.
  2. In the NovoMotion Schema Editor, establish the connection information on the SQL Options tab and activate the schema.
  3. In the NovoMotion Schema Editor, use the SQL script creation (Creating a SQL Script) process to generate a SQL script to copy and execute in the SQL database.
  4. If the ODBC datasource is new, create it by either adding a data source through the Administrative Tools (Windows) or ding the data source to the odbc.ini record (Unix).
  5. Use the LOAD.BCI.ACTION process to test a load from the U2 server to the SQL server.
  6. Correct dictionaries, connections, or schema records as needed.
  7. Once there are no identified issues, use NOVO.E.T (NovoMotion Trigger Generator) to enable an UPDATE (and usually a DELETE) trigger on the U2 file.
  8. Use the LOAD.BCI.ACTION process to load all the records from the U2 environment to the SQL server.
  9. Check the SQL server to verify results.


Error Message Analysis Steps
No BCI.ACTION record created Verify the trigger is on using LIST.TRIGGER. If the trigger exists, try logging off and back on. If the file is the TM, make sure the table number has been added on the NovoMotion Interface Control Trigger Controls tab.
No Schema exists for filename Verify the schema is flagged as Active in the NovoMotion Schema Editor
Connection does not exist Verify the correct login and password are entered in the SQL Options tab of the NovoMotion Schema Editor. If they are, verify the datasource is set up. If it is, verify the login has permission to the database on the SQL server.
Invalid Object Name error Verify the database name on the SQL options tab of the NovoMotion Schema Editor is fully qualified i.e dbo.filename

Suggested Ways to Add a Column to a Schema That Already Exists

  • In SQL, execute a new query against the main database:
ADD New_field varchar(20) 

This step can also be done by right-clicking on the SQL table and using Design.

  • In the NovoMotion Schema Editor, add the new column with the exact same name – (New_field in previous step).
  • Save the schema and generate the code, Uncheck ‘Generate Primary Table’.
  • On UNIX copy to clipboard, paste into SQL, verify the first thing is [Use…_TRIGGER], and execute on SQL.
  • On Windows click the “Execute on SQL Server” button.
  • Verify there are no records in BCI.QUARANTINE that were created between the alter table and schema editor change steps.
  • LOAD.BCI.ACTION for any records that need the new column.

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